About Us

NorthStar Anesthesia is the trade name for a group of affiliated companies that provide professional anesthesia services to patients at hospitals and other healthcare facilities across the country. NorthStar Anesthesia, in collaboration with its business partners, bills patients for services received from NorthStar Anesthesia providers, and may contact patients regarding open balances. This website is one of many ways that NorthStar Anesthesia and its business partners communicate with patients about their bills. If you received a statement directing you to this URL, it is likely that you received services from a NorthStar Anesthesia provider. The specific healthcare facility where you received service should be listed on your statement, along with the name of the NorthStar Anesthesia provider that treated you. If you have questions about your bill, or think you have received a bill from NorthStar Anesthesia in error, please contact us at 800-335-7060.